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Funeral effigies of westminster abbey

Funeral effigies of westminster abbey

The father still delayed the burial, and the priest, while admiring his faith, thought him mad, as the boy had now been dead two days. An estimated 5,, English troops opposed a massive French army of 50,, In the History of the Stansfields, which contains very few citations, Jordan de Stansfield is claimed to have married a daughter of 'Sir John Townley of Townley, co. Towards the end of Henry IV's reign, relations between Henry and his father had deteriorated, Henry IV thought his ambitious son far too eager to step into his shoes. All the figures have been ignominiously undressed down to their crude stuffed cloth bodies, so that both they and their clothes could be cleaned properly for the first time in almost a century. Food was in short supply and a French prisoner informed the English that the ford over the Somme had been staked and guarded by a large French blockade. The chapel's architect is not known, but it is believed that Robert Janyns, Jr.

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