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Niall horan funny moments

Niall horan funny moments

Niall looked casually cool for his day out in the Southern California sunshine, donning a plain white T-shirt with khaki shorts and a black-and-white New York Yankees baseball cap Pristine: With Country a hit and Levi winning raves, he has signed up with a manager in New York, but so far no takers. But there was a hitch. Niall has been linked with stunning model Jessica Serfaty after she accompanied the singer to a Los Angeles gig in October Previously: Harry Considers A Buzz Cut Despite the popularity of his long curly hair Harry revealed last year that he would consider shaving his trademark mop off for charity if the right opportunity came up but not anytime soon because he would "look funny bald". Errmmmm Can I have a lift mate? Horan's brother Greg commented on the website crash, saying that "there were tickets and they were all snapped up pretty quick".

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