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Funny toothpaste commercials

Funny toothpaste commercials

Cheerios I remember the Cheerios spot with the animated blackboard drawings and that stick figure kid a la Simon in the Land of Chalkboard Drawings who was running out of energy and needed a good breakfast like Cheerios. As the boat approaches a draw bridge, the slogan plays, "Open wide for Chunky". Getty Images Apparently Parton doesn't do drag well. Woman comes in and asks how the cleaner gets her laundry so fresh. When he tries to pay for it with a credit card, the voice alerts police that the man is impersonating the real cardholder. She says "I am made of blue sky and golden light and I will feel this way forever. Some signature witticism or beloved lyric?

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Funniest Banned Commercials 2016

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Funny toothpaste commercials

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