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Is the joker a masochist

Is the joker a masochist

My Bride Is a Mermaid: He also has Ho Yay vibes with Leo which peaks when the latter uses violence on the former. Also, Yubel, who enjoys pain and insults. Mantiene comunque la sua intelligenza e la formazione psicologica, facendo di lei un nemico difficile per il dinamico duo, ma alla fine viene ugualmente catturata quando Batman e Robin. When a doppelganger posing as Tsukune gives Ruby what's intended to be a rib-breaking elbow smash, her response is to hug him with a blush of pleasure and beg him to hit her again. When the Harem was asked what they were to Tsukune read: Determined to turn Paris, France into a "work of art", Son of Man is considered to be a French counterpart of the Joker.

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The Dark Knight Masochism Tango

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Is the joker a masochist

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