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1920s jokes

1920s jokes

In the guise of protecting community morals, it expanded its victims of vigilante justice to those it deemed lawbreakers, bootleggers, unfaithful spouses, corrupt politicians, etc. In , Klan members were elected to the city council in Anaheim, California. She worked in neutral tones of beige, sand, cream, navy and black in soft fluid jersey fabrics cut with simple shapes that did not require corsetry or waist definition. Hill stating "that some of these outrages were actually perpetrated by the political friends of the parties slain. As long as they looked boyish they looked fashionable. By equating white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism with "true Americanism," it fueled intolerance for blacks, Catholics, Jews, and immigrants. As a result of the Women's Klan's efforts, Texas would not hire Catholic teachers to work in its public schools.

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1920s jokes

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