How to Build a Student Portal Website

How to Build a Student Portal Website

There are many things to consider when you are deciding how to build a student portal website. The first thing you should do is create a content spreadsheet for the portal. Divide the content into categories, which will become tabs on the portal. The content you include should be as diverse as possible. Most schools choose to combine different content types in their portals. Additionally, you should decide whether the portal will be public or private, which can be tricky because of school privacy policies.

Usability testing

There are several ways to test the usability of a student portal website. The most common method is observation, but other approaches may be more effective depending on the purpose. For example, a post-test questionnaire can uncover additional usability issues. A usability test can help identify any errors or issues on a university website. However, there are a few disadvantages to using this method. Here are three of the most common usability problems that you may encounter:

Design elements

Student portal websites are built around various themes and subject areas. The design and functionality of these portals are crucial for overall likeability among an audience. Therefore, if you want your portal to be successful, you should not stray too far from the main subject offerings. For instance, a website for learning yoga should not feature articles on software programming. Instead, focus on the content offered by your institution. This way, your prospects will be more likely to convert into customers.


Modern student portals offer additional content and capabilities to support students. These websites can support collaboration in study groups and project teams. They can also offer a community space for social groups to connect with each other. It is important to consider the mobile experience when building a student portal website. This article will examine three different integrations that can be useful for a modern student portal website. Learn how to use each integration to enhance the student experience.


A student portal is a website where students can login to access their profile and access their schedules, attendance summaries, invoices, and payment receipts. It can also be used by students to interact with their teachers and classmates. It can also be used by students for admission applications. This type of website can also be mobile friendly. It can help students make online payments and submit their application forms. There are also several other benefits of a student portal.

Transitioning to a student portal

After the holiday break, Chicago Public Schools is preparing to transition to new student portal websites. These sites will be powered by Follett Aspen, a student information system that was chosen as the winning vendor in 2016. CPS has been working with Follett since 2016 to implement the new student portal website. Below are a few tips for preparing students for the transition. Ensure your students have the right information at their fingertips when they log on to their new portal website.

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